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The Livello Difference

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    Accountability to Design

    Livello prides itself in its commitment to the architectural design and detail. Livello’s process-driven approach ensures every miter, bevel and rafter tail will be built exactly as you designed it.

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    Top Quality Material Selection

    Livello makes zero profit from material selections. This removes any incentive to compromise on quality and means every material you select will be sourced at cost by our unbiased team.

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    Artisans In Every Field

    Livello selects its trades based on skill (not profit margins). By hiring journeymen instead of juniors, Livello is able to find solutions to the ‘most challenging’ designs – delivering features which other contractors simply cannot.

I look for a Construction Manager who has a strong background in the construction industry, who understands the details of how a building is put together… because of their strong background, I’ve used Livello on several of my clients’ projects. Mike Giles brings a lot of construction experience to the table, he’s solutions-oriented and is a fair-minded person to work with.

Janice Mackett, Architect PowerHouse Architecture
Mike Giles


“When I was 15 years old I started my first business making custom furniture. What I learned through the experience influenced me more than I had expected. I took pride in seeing a piece of furniture move from the planning stages to completion. After completing university, I got away from the furniture business and started a business in the technology industry based in Calgary, Alberta. After 15 years of working in the industry, I wanted to apply my organizational expertise to what I was truly passionate about — working with my hands and creating quality projects. Livello gives me the opportunity to work with people and to bring my own beliefs around honesty and transparency into the homebuilding experience.”

Standing Out With Livello

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    Professional Photography

    After every project we hire a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the finished home. We then provide these photos to the team who designed these stunning spaces.

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    Hosted Referrals

    We also like to celebrate the completion of our larger projects with a small, catered gathering of the friends and family of the client. This is an excellent opportunity for the architect, designer and Livello to show off the beauty and details of the new home.

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    Where Credit is Due

    While we consider this a simple courtesy, we always love to showcase the design team whenever we share our own portfolio of work. This is a nice way to highlight our joint projects as we continually develop new digital and print marketing.

We believe in the value of a promise, the importance of a handshake and the power of our proven building process.

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Modern dining room renovation with a view of the brightly lit home office
Photo by: Michael J. Royer Photography Architect/Interior Designer: Carolina Coto Architecture & Interior Design
The fairytale exterior of a full-home renovation in Calgary
Photo by: Michael J. Royer Photography

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